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Do you KNOW where will you be with your last breath??
Do you know JESUS?
Christian links with some especially for kids!

GENEALOGY is one of my hobbies!
Click here to see my lines. Please let me know if you share a branch on my tree!

**IMPORTANT**  If your ancestors are of Celtic lines, then please read about Hereditary Hemochromatosis. It is a genetic condition that is often seen in those of Celtic descent.

Read my family's story about HEREDITARY HEMOCHROMATOSIS....
A genetic condition of iron overload that is 100% fatal if not diagnosed early & treated correctly!
1 in 8-10 are carriers
1 in 200-300 have it!!
DO YOU?????
Here you can learn more about HH & the effects of excess iron.


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to read a tribute to my father in law who went home to be with the Lord in May 2000



This web page is an ongoing project of Munster Mom, aka m.m. or Cindy!
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The majority of them are from HH patients.

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