This page is dedicated to the late FRANCIS LOUISE MUNN, 1919-1989, aka "WEEZIE" to those who loved her. She was a paternal aunt to my husband & she is the one he can blame for my addiction to genealogy! In the early 1980's, she took me to visit with many cousins, climbed up those Ky. hills to cemetaries, and shared many a tale! She was a very special lady & is dearly missed.

Francis Louise Munn 1919-1989
with her 2 great nieces Stefany & Becky Munn
[picture taken in 1983]

I would love to hear from others who share my interest in genealogy. Especially,those who may have "fallen from the same tree!" I am willing to share the information that I have accumulated, which presently accounts for over 20,000 individuals. I make every attempt to be as accurate as humanly possible, so if anyone finds any discrepancies while browsing, PLEASE let me know!

NOTE: This information is the property of Cindy Munn & in no way can be sold or used in any way for profit without the written permission of said author.


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If any of you are of the IRISH/SCOTTISH/BRITISH/GERMAN/Celtic lines, please also see my Hereditary Hemochromatosis page for a genetic condition often seen in these lines. It is of great importance to diagnose & treat it early or it is fatal. Some of the family indicators might be: a family history of early heart attacks, arrythmias, liver cancer, cirrhosis, diabetes, joint problems, arthritis, early menopause, decreased libido, infertility or chronic fatigue.

If you or your family have any of these, please be tested for this condition!
Click on the window to go to my HH informational page
& read of our family's story of diagnosis & treatment!






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