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[Special thanks to Jim Hines for converting these to tables for me!]

The above tables were taken from:  Nathan & Oskis Hematology of Infancy & Childhood,
5th Edition, Vol. 2, copyrighted 74, 81, 87, 93, 98 
edited by David G. Nathan & Stuart H. Orkin, of Harvard Medical School

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Research currently suggests that JH & HH are separate conditions of iron overload, with JH not being connected to the HFE related iron overload.  I am not personally convinced that this is the case.  In my opinion, much more research into iron overload in children needs done to prove this to be true.

Should a pregnant woman routinely be given prenatal vitamins with iron?  Many women who have been diagnosed with HH recall that many of their HH problems began with their pregnancies.  Perhaps it could be attributed to the iron that they were ingesting for 9 months?  A midwife that I once worked with supported my "theory" that pregnancy induced hypertension [PIH,] preeclampsia, gestational diabetes & other problems in pregnancy may be related to IO and/or undiagnosed HH.  Hopefully, someday there will be studies done to see if there is indeed a connection.

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