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The liver is the major site of iron storage in our bodies, making it susceptible to great damage from excess iron deposition in the condition of Hereditary Hemochromatosis.  

Mild enlargement of the liver may occur early in the disease process with complaint of pain & tenderness occurring under the right rib cage.  Although liver enzymes are often not elevated until the disease is in the advanced stages, ALL abnormal liver function studies should be followed up with an iron profile to rule out HH.  

Fibrosis and cirrhosis occur as a result of the hepatic damage from excess iron, so it is important to diagnose HH before this damage is present.  The cirrhosis from excess iron is similar to that of alcoholic cirrhosis, and many patients are falsely accused of being alcoholics.  While drinking alcoholic beverages does indeed increase iron absorption & should be avoided, cirrhosis may also occur in those who have never drank. Since cirrhosis frequently results in cancer of the liver, anyone who is diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver should be closely monitored for life for signs of hepatic cancer.  

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