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Iron is required by the body in adequate amounts to support life and maintain good health, but in excess it is dangerous and a significant risk factor in the development of many of the degenerative diseases.

The incidence of iron overload is often grossly underestimated by health care professionals.

Iron levels, which in the not too distant past were believed to be normal and harmless, are now being suspect as cause for serious concern by a growing number of researchers.

Many people with iron overload are erroneously misdiagnosed as being iron deficient because they have not been given all the correct tests.

The vast majority of people with iron overload do not know it.

No one is immune from developing iron overload regardless of gender, race, or ethnic origin. It may manifest itself at any age, even at birth.

Excessive iron is a potent generator of free radical activity in the body.

Iron overload has many faces and may express itself in different ways in different people depending upon which organ system in the body is affected. This is explained in detail inside the book.

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