Subject: Re: Folic acid

Good question! I've done some looking and here's what I found. Increased serum folate (folic acid) levels
may be seen in: increased intake in diet 1)excess vitamins 2) vegetarian diet OR conditions that result in decreased B12 absorption 1) blind loop syndrome 2) distal small bowel disease 3) pernicious anemia 4)other malabsorption syndromes. Couldn't really find anything saying that high folic acid levels directly caused problems(at least in my readily available resources). The connection to B12 (cobalamin) is that B12 is necessary for cellular uptake of folate resulting in decreased amounts of folate in the cell and increased amounts in the serum (I don't know how
high). Three biggest reasons for B12 deficiency would be gastrectomy, pernicious anemia (PA), or some malabsorption syndrome. PA is more common in people past 50. Best hint of B12 deficiency on a routine CBC would be a high MCV. Some doctors are concerned that foods fortified with folic acid might contribute to masking a B12 deficiency due to PA, which effects the hematological system (macrocytic anemia) as well as the GI tract and most importantly, the nervous system. I hope this helps one way or the other. Sometimes it is tough to make sense out things.