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[The morphological changes in the internal organs in hemochromatosis]
Pigolkin IuI; Osipenkova TK
Sud Med Ekspert, 41(2):20-2 1998 Mar-Apr
Visceral changes were studied by histological and electron-microscopic methods in cadavers of 18 subjects dead from hemochromatosis. Pronounced visceral changes in all cases represented a characteristic tetrad of signs: bronze-colored skin, pigmentary cirrhosis of the liver, involvement of the pancreas, and cardiomyopathy. In forensic medical practice hemochromatosis can be found in subjects who were probably genetically predisposed to it and, as a rule, had a history of alcohol abuse. Among the numerous complications of the disease, the most incident are cardiac pathology (dilatation cardiomyopathy) and diabetes mellitus with concomitant intoxications caused by various inflammations.
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Autopsy ; Cause of Death ; English Abstract ; Female ; Heart Failure, Congestive PA ; Hemochromatosis MO/*PA ; Human ; Male ; Microscopy, Electron ; Viscera *UL

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